Angela Plowman

The Sanctuary is owned & operated by Angela Plowman, who is a qualified & experienced beauty therapist for over 20 years. With her qualifications & extensive experience as a beauty therapist, clients can trust in her expertise when it comes to facials & skin correction.

Offering a comprehensive range of solutions targeting various skincare concerns, including fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation issues, dehydration, blemishes, enlarged pores & acne scarring. She uses medical grade treatments to achieve optimal results.

The DF Machine, incorporating sonophoresis & iontophoresis & has the ability to enhance the penetration of active ingredients, ensuring deeper nourishment & rejuvenation of the skin. Additionally the Dermal LED Photo Therapy Device is Medically Certified. This award winning machine is know for collegan stimulation which tightens the skin, treats psoriasis, pigmentation, reduces lines, aids with post op healing & inflammation. The treatment is painless & relaxing, offering a holistic approach to a healthier skin.

The Sanctuary offers a diverse range of facial treatments, from a classic hands-on facial experience to a more advance, results driven treatment. All facials have an element of massage incorporated to relax & enhance your experience. All our treatments cater to the clients individual needs & preferences. Angela's  focus is to create a space of calm where you can come relax on your wellness journey.

Our Products


Environ Skin Care uses high levels of vitamin A, C,  Antioxidants & Peptides to help normalise & protect the skin from todays harmful environment. Topical application of Vitamin A is they key to a healthier skin as Vitamin A is destroyed by light.  To start your journey to a healthier skin contact us today for a free 10min Skin Consultation.

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Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale offers a wide range of Organic make-up products. 

Personalised Beauty Therapy

The Sanctuary offer a wide range of beauty therapy treatments. We look forward to meeting you to learn how we can best help.



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